Learning smart with Nomos Verlag


Learning smart with Nomos Verlag

Nomos publishes the ‘Smartbook Grundrechte’, a hybrid textbook with learning videos

Those who want to understand fundamental rights from the beginning of their studies can do so from November 2022 with the blended learning approach of the ‘Smartbooks Grundrechte’. Thanks to this textbook, students can learn and repeat classically and also use extended content. This includes 67 learning videos, which will be available for free download together with the e-book in the Nomos eLibrary (open access), full texts of the cited court decisions as well as standards and the best practice cases and essays.

Clearly defined learning and comprehension objectives facilitate learning control. The indicated levels of difficulty provide the necessary orientation. Leading decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court are explained directly and integrated into the exam structure. Every norm, every court decision, all online available essays, monographs, commentaries and handbooks and every further reference are linked. The learning app ‘Jurafuchs’ is also integrated.

The ‘Smartbook Grundrechte’ was jointly developed by Prof. Dr. Emanuel V. Towfigh, Chair of Public Law, Empirical Legal Research and Legal Economics at the EBS University in Wiesbaden, and Alexander Gleixner, research assistant at this chair. The two authors are looking forward to the publication of their innovative book project.

The Smartbook is a new type of learning medium that takes up the insights of modern university didactics and is intended to enable optimal hybrid learning – i.e. on- and offline.

Prof. Dr. Emanuel V. Towfigh , Chair of Public Law, Empirical Legal Research and Legal Economics at the EBS University, Wiesbaden

We want to offer students a completely new learning experience. Through the videos, the material is first taught audiovisually, then consolidated and deepened by reading the texts. In this way, we address students with different learning habits.

Alexander Gleixner , Research Associate Chair of Public Law, Empirical Legal Research and Legal Economics at the EBS University, Wiesbaden

The project was financially supported by the law firm Noerr.

Tip: All those who like to work classically with the printed textbook can purchase the print version in bookshops and in the NomosShop. QR codes make it possible to access the additional digital content.

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