Verhandeln, Vermitteln und Entscheiden in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft


The journal Konfliktdynamik focuses on conflicts and conflict management in business and society. The articles offer an interdisciplinary overview of the current state and new developments in conflict management practice and research. In organizations, the focus is on leadership, negotiation, mediation, coaching and consulting. In the areas of politics and society, the journal examines current conflict-related developments and approaches to dispute resolution.


  • is a professional journal for consultants, facilitators, mediators and coaches who work in and with organizations or societal conflict areas.
  • offers a forum for executives, human resource managers as well as corporate lawyers who deal professionally with conflict management and want to be up to date with the current state of science and practice in this field.
  • serves the interdisciplinary scientific development of theory and methods in research and teaching.

The journal is published quarterly – at the end of March, June, September and December.

Konfliktdynamik offers readers information in the sections Theory and Practice, Impulses from Research, From the Organizations, International, Behind the Scenes, and Methods. In addition, it provides concise information on current legal issues in conflict management in the In Medias Res Juris section, thought-provoking information in a column, and reviews of important literature, films, and radio plays under Reviews.

ISSN Print 2193-0147
ISSN Online 2510-4233
Published quarterly


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  • Theory and practice
  • Impulses from research
  • From the organizations
  • International
  • Behind the scenes
  • Methods
  • Reviews
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  • In Medias Res Juris
  • In Focus

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Guidelines for Authors

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Incoming manuscripts are evaluated by two reviewers each, who do not know the names of the authors. Every effort will be made to inform authors of reviewer recommendations and comments within 60 days of manuscript submission.

Submissions will either be accepted without need for revision, accepted subject to implementation of reviewer revision instructions, or rejected. The editor decides on the time of publication. He may also reject contributions that, in his view, do not fit the profile of the journal.


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