The quarterly entitled integration will appeal to all those in academia, education, politics, administration and the media who are concerned with European issues. It represents a theory-based and politics-related interdisciplinary forum on fundamental questions relating to European integration, in which the current problems of European policy are discussed from both a political and an academic perspective.

integration is supported by the Foreign Office.

The IEP is a strategic partner of the European Commission and is financially supported by it. The IEP assumes sole responsibility for the journal’s content.

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  • Dr. Funda Tekin (V.i.S.d.P.)
  • Sabine Hoscislawski, Editorial Assistant
  • Nico Halkenhäuser, Editorial Assistant
  • Marcel Vesper, Editorial Assistant

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Call for Papers

Guidelines for Authors

The editorial staff of integration is always pleased to receive manuscripts for publication. Submissions are possible for the journal categories “Aufsätze” (Essays), “Forum”, and “Literatur” (Literature). The manuscripts must show originality and academic diligence in the presentation and analysis of relevant problems of European integration. Once the peer review process is completed the editorial staff decides whether submissions will be included in the journal.

Publishing Open Access

integration is not an open access journal. However, it is possible to publish individual articles in the journal open access by making the digital version freely available under a Creative Commons license chosen by the respective author(s). The publisher requires a fee to cover the publication costs (Article Processing Charge – APC) in the amount of 1,990.00 EUR (plus VAT). Many scientific institutions and science funding bodies provide corresponding funds for the publication of research results.

Are you interested in this option? Talk to your editorial office or contact open-access@nomos.de!

Peer Review Process

The decision on whether manuscripts submitted to integration will be published is usually taken after those works have undergone a review process. The prerequisites for manuscripts to be published are that they may not have already been published and may not have been submitted for publication to another journal. Manuscripts that have already been published in grey literature or on the Internet can only be considered for review if they have been substantially revised. All manuscripts must be original and demonstrate academic meticulousness and accuracy when presenting and analysing relevant problems related to European integration. If necessary, the editorial board will make suggestions as to how authors might revise their work. Our editors will also decide when all manuscripts are published.

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