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Shaping minds and contributing to research is at the forefront of what we do at Nomos Publishing. To further this purpose, we established Nomos eLibrary, a digital library that provides worldwide access to numerous publications of high calibre and academic rigour. The digital format enables researchers to not only easily access academic content but also conveniently make their own work available online. In doing so, Nomos eLibrary ensures and sustains innovation by connecting thinkers on a global level.

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Nomos eLibrary is a one-stop platform for modern researchers and academics alike. Over 40 academic publishers use Nomos eLibrary, enabling readers to easily and conveniently access more than 16,000 monographs, collected editions and textbooks; 70 acclaimed journals and numerous Open Access publications and licence-free content. Nomos eLibrary is user-friendly and is maintained in close cooperation with qualified librarians and academic experts who rigorously select titles of direct relevance to research fields, with new titles constantly being added to its digital shelves.

Global User Base

An ever-increasing number of local and foreign universities and research institutions subscribe to the Nomos eLibrary. We are also privileged to count research libraries, associations, corporations, parliamentary libraries, government authorities and law firms as part of our user base.

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