Publish with Nomos

Nomos Publishing is committed to driving research and connecting researchers and scholars across the globe. As one of the leading academic publishers, our marketing team has established a global presence across traditional and online platforms that allows us to raise awareness and reach your audience on the largest scale possible.

As an additional benefit, authors published by the Nomos Publishing Group are entitled to a 30% discount on all the titles we carry.


Many of our publications have been recognised as significant. Nomos is proud to represent academic works backed by prestigious grants, titles that have gained national acclaim and authors who have changed the landscape of our thinking.

Author Care

Our editors are there to guide and assist you along your publication journey. From choosing the form your work shall take to helping you improve your work even further, our editors walk every step of the way with you.

VG WORT Dividends

It (literally) pays to register your work with the non-profit Collection Management Organisation (VG WORT). All new releases receive a dividend, usually paid in the early summer the following year.


To ensure that your publication is visible and ready for delivery to bookshops across the globe, your book is registered well in advance of its release with the Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher (VLB).

Promoting your Content

Once your book has been published, readers can find it in the NomosShop in bookshops and on major sales platforms.

From online library catalogues to research centres, discovery never stops. We consciously and purposefully push for your online visibility with our expert digital marketing strategies.

We are always happy to expand our range of books and ensure that all our books remain in our range for as long as possible.

Nomos eLibrary

University libraries and research institutions are a crucial market for content published by Nomos. As most research is searched for online, all titles are available both in print and digitally on Nomos eLibrary.

Online Shop

All books are displayed prominently in our online shop and can be conveniently ordered online. For a small sum, the digital edition is also available for download.

Caroline Burk

Head of Communications


Caroline Burk Leiterin Kommunikation