Isabel Serpa da Silva in an interview with the zib editorial team

Interview with Isabel Serpa da Silva

The editorial team of the Journal of International Relations (zib) spoke with Isabel Serpa da Silva

On 7 September 2023, Janika Lohse from the editorial team of our journal for international relations (zib) conducted an interview with Isabel Serpa da Silva M.A., research associate at the Institute for Political Science at Goethe University Frankfurt.

In the interview, the two talk about Germany’s role in the international community. The central question is whether German foreign and security policy is experiencing a phase of militarisation. Click here for the open access article by Isabel Serpa da Silva in the current issue of zib: “Defending the West” – Nomos eLibrary (

This interview is the second in a series of interviews initiated by the editors of zib. The Journal of International Relations (zib) primarily publishes methodologically reflective and theoretically interested analyses of issues in international relations. In addition, literature reports published in the zib provide information on discussions in important fields of research in international relations. The journal is now the leading German-language communication forum for the political science analysis of international politics. With its specific profile in linking theory and empiricism as well as its outstanding contributions, it enjoys widespread recognition. The journal is aimed at political and media scientists as well as anyone interested in world politics and international relations. Prof Dr Andrea Liese and Prof Dr Thomas Sommerer (both University of Potsdam, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences) jointly edit the journal.