Legal Studies

Legal Studies

Law has been at the centre of Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft’s programme from the very beginning. In terms of the number of titles, we are by far the largest legal publisher in the German-speaking world – but we are also a constant internationally.

The legal programme is in turn divided into our range for practitioners from the most diverse fields of activity, our textbooks for all phases of education and our academic programme, which contains a large number of qualification publications (dissertations, post-doctoral theses) and other monographs and anthologies, as well as a constantly growing number of journals.

Our goal as a publishing house is to cover and depict the entire field of law with its intradisciplinary connections (for example, in cross-cutting subjects such as traffic law, digital law or sports law) and its interdisciplinary connections to the neighbouring social sciences and humanities. Thus, the Nomos programme covers the entire spectrum of legal studies.

The decisive common feature is the quality of the publications, which we ensure through a variety of measures – the focus is on the one hand on the close integration of the publishing house into the academic community and on the other hand on our dense network, which reaches into all areas of practice.

How international our programme has become in the meantime can be seen, among other things, in the steadily growing proportion of foreign-language publications, for which we also cooperate with publishers from other European and non-European countries.