Publishing Guidelines

Publishing Guidelines

Nomos Verlag is one of the leading German-language academic publishers for law, social sciences and the humanities. Together with its imprints, Academia Verlag, Verlag Karl-Alber, Ergon Verlag, Rombach Wissenschaft and Tectum Verlag, Nomos Verlag publishes over 1.000 titles annually. The publishing programme at Nomos Verlag covers the entire scope of legal scholarship; this includes handbooks, academic journals, edited collections, textbooks, works for practitioners and commentaries. Equally, Nomos Verlag has an extensive publishing programme dedicated to social sciences and the humanities.

Nomos Verlag is committed to publishing academic literature of the highest calibre. Titles published by Nomos Verlag have been recognised by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as invaluable for academics and scholars alike. Under the Allianz Licence, Nomos eLibrary receives sponsorship to make its titles accessible to libraries and research institutions. Additionally, Nomos Verlag is regularly ranked highly in its category, including in the internationally-renowned SENSE ranking.

To qualify texts for publication, all academic titles undergo a strict review process internally and externally, starting with the manuscripts themselves. Nomos Verlag exclusively publishes doctoral and academic theses that have been awarded excellent grades. In many cases, these titles are published as part of collected editions by distinguished and experienced editors who are also responsible for the concept and structure of the respective series. Upon internal evaluation by the editors, the manuscripts are sent for peer review to external, unbiased experts in the respective subject fields. As a final assessment prior to publication, the manuscripts are reviewed by our academically qualified, in-house copy-editors.

Our editing processes and review guidelines are transparent for authors and reviewers. We are committed to building and maintaining long-term relationships with our authors and editors. We strive to resolve conflicts of interest or such problems immediately, should any arise.

Good academic practice decrees compliance with ethical behaviour and responsibility as an academic author. This includes intellectual honesty and research integrity. As such, our publishing agreement obliges each author to adhere to the regulations and guidelines of his or her academic institution. Plagiarism is not tolerated at Nomos Verlag and any hint of plagiarism will result in the rejection of the submission in question. If plagiarism is discovered post-publication, distribution of the work shall be halted immediately until the question of authorship has been resolved.

We protect the copyrights of our authors. Further information may be found here.

For the permanent availability of our electronic works, we archive our works together with Portico.

Our data protection officer ensures that sensitive data is handled in accordance with the applicable data protection laws.

We are members of various guilds and associations such as the GeSIG Netzwerk Fachinformation e.V. and the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels.

For further information about publishing with Nomos Verlag, please consult the page, Academic Publishing.