Rethinking digital teaching


Rethinking digital teaching

Prof Dr Jürgen Handke presents pioneering approaches in the 4th edition of his handbook Hochschullehre Digital

The digitalisation of teaching has been a central topic at universities for years. Nevertheless, it has not yet become established across the board. In the 4th updated and expanded edition of his handbook Hochschullehre Digital, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Handke provides practical tips on how to get started with digitalisation.

The handbook, published by Nomos Verlag, sheds light on the problems of university teaching and discusses innovative ways of using and producing media. This is done using concrete examples that also include modern AI assistance systems. The approaches presented offer solutions to the challenges of traditional university teaching. The skilful combination of proven analogue concepts with digital forms of teaching creates significant added value.

Prof Dr Jürgen Handke, an expert in the field of linguistics, operates the largest digital learning platform in his field. His extensive expertise is reflected in numerous teaching videos. Honoured with the Hessian Teaching Award, the Ars legendi Award for Digital Teaching and Learning and the OER Award, he is a pioneer in the development of inverted classroom models and online teaching. His pioneering projects H.E.A.R.T. and RoboPraX set standards for the use of humanoid robots in teaching.

A special highlight of the new edition is a video by the author in which he introduces the textbook together with an avatar. The video can be found on the author’s official YouTube channel.

For all those teachers who want to enrich their teaching with digitalised elements and also for those for whom digitalisation is new territory, but who nevertheless have to deal with it due to the current situation, the book offers comprehensible instructions and creative impulses and is therefore highly recommended for an introduction to digital teaching.

Sophie Muskatelz , zfhr 5/2020, 190-191