Our Editors

Our Editors

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At Nomos, our goal is to shape and further the research community by publishing works that inspire readers to think critically and creatively as well as to respond to gaps in current research. Our editors are aware of the vital task and responsibility that falls on authors to publish works of high calibre and academic rigour. It is thus our priority to provide authors with the support, care and guidance that they need throughout the publication of their book. Whether you have a book proposal or an idea you are keen on discussing, our team of editors is happy to assist you.

If you would like to send us a manuscript, please send us the entire manuscript as a .docx or PDF. If you are sending us your thesis or post-doctoral independent research (Habilitation), please also send us your grading repor


Prof. Dr. Johannes Rux

Editor-in-Chief Law

E-Mail: rux@nomos.de

Dr. Marco Ganzhorn

Law and Digitalisation, Sport, Post-Doctoral Independent Research (Habilitation), Young Academic Conventions

Dr. Stefan Grote

Fundamentals of Law, Rights to the Bar, Economic, Fiscal Code

E-Mail: grote@nomos.de

Dr. Matthias Knopik

International Law, including International Economics and Migration

E-Mail: knopik@nomos.de

Dr. Katharina König

Civil Law, Associations and Foundations, Family and Succession, Equality and Non-Discrimination, Faculty Books, Comparative and Foreign Law, European Union incl. European Union Economic Law

Ass. jur. Gisela Krausnick

Employment and Labour, Social, Copyright and Media, Data Protection and Information Access

Dr. Peter Schmidt

Public, Healthcare, Associate Training

Ass. jur. Anke Maria Tröltzsch

Criminal Law, Criminology

Social Sciences and the Humanities

Dr. Martin Reichinger

Editor-in-Chief Social Sciences and the Humanities

Beate Bernstein, M.A.

Political Science, European Union, Religion

Dr. Sandra Frey

Media and Communication, Sociology

E-Mail: frey@nomos.de

Alexander Hutzel, M.A.

Social Work, Socio-Economics, Health, Textbooks, Handbooks

E-Mail: hutzel@nomos.de

Kim Hagedorn, M.A.


Kim Hagedorn

Carsten Rehbein, M.A.

Political Science, Philosophy, Economics

E-Mail: clang@nomos.de